Does your network make you sad?

Many businesses, organizations, homes, and institutions have a shameful corner or closet of wiring mess somewhere that they try to ignore, just one failed power supply away from a complicated, expensive, extended network outage.

Get it cleaned up today

We specialize in reorganizing your existing infrastructure in a way that provides benefits to your organization, with a minimum of interruption or downtime.
  • Decrease downtime from equipment failure or intentional tampering
  • Lower install time and cost of future upgrades (or get them done now!)
  • Make changes and troubleshooting easier down the road
  • Reduce the impending doom for IT staff and upper management

We clean up any infrastructure.

  • Data networks
  • PBX Systems
  • Server racks
  • AVL systems
  • Fiber distribution
  • Generalized equipment clutter
  • Does wire connect it? We can organize it.

Cable looming and organization

Comb the knots out of that rat's nest and get it looking good! A giant ball of wires doesn't just look bad: it kills the airflow around equipment, shortening its life, and makes repair and troubleshooting a nightmare.


What wire is that? Who knows, the sharpie they used to mark it wore off a decade ago! Get proper labeling on your infrastructure so you know where everything goes, both in the rack and in your facility.


You don't always need to make quick changes to how your system works in a pinch, but when you do, patchbays are essential. Whether it's getting a network connection from and to a weird place or routing video around a studio or campus, patchbays are the standby technology that makes it possible and easy to change, and to revert when you're done.


Didn't we already have a cable running to that room? Don't have contractors install redundant infrastructure when what you need is already in your walls. Get it documented and labeled so you can take full advantage of your infrastructure investment.

Clean it up today, tomorrow you will thank you

Don't put it off for one more day, it may be the day it takes for disaster to strike. Get your infrastructure under control.