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Need help with audiovisual or IT tech? Start a consultation with no financial commitment. Get personalized guidance and professional feedback today.

Experience the power of personalized guidance.

Do you have a vision you can't put technical terms to, a problem you're not sure the best way to solve, a contractor who's not understanding what you're trying to tell them?


Has your network been struggling? Your auditorium or meeting space lost its shine? Not sure where to start? We can give you a jumping-off point with specific direction on where to go.

Technical Advice

Something's not working correctly and you have no idea why. A system you already have installed isn't working as specified. You're not sure how to integrate System X with System Y to get the result you need. We're here to give you specific advice on how to get what you need done.

Contractor Communication

Received a lengthy contract, gear list or budget from a contractor and not even sure where to start on making sure it's right for you? Let a professional give you unbiased feedback on value, quality and fitness for purpose.

Here for You always guarantees advice free of bias. We work for you and your organization, not our sales numbers. We strive to know each of our clients so that we can provide the best possible service, for this current project and all your future projects.

A Professional on Your Side

When you consult with, you're communicating with a small business whose only goal is to provide exceptional service. We're on your side--not one of dealer quotas and sales targets. Get an unbiased third-party opinion and get your project going in the right direction.

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Free consultations are available to new clients with a valid email. Free consultations include up to 20 minutes in communication time and one email report. All free consultations are provided on a time-available basis and no guarantee is made for turnaround time or completion. Advice is non-binding and comes with no warranty or commitment of any kind. Designs, diagnostics, site visits, full reports, and any other services are subject to additional fees; if a request is likely to fall outside the limits set forth above, we'll let you know and send an estimate for the work. By requesting a free consultation, you agree to allow us to contact you in the future regarding services we provide. By submitting the above form, you acknowledge that you agree to these terms.